TAI now represemts the combined Atmel and Microchip Line.

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Batteries for portable and wearable market.

Specializing in Shaped and Curved Cells

Lith-Poly   / Li-Ion / LiFePO4 /   Li-SOCI2  



         Tianma Microelectronics USA and Tianma NLT America merged forming Tianma NLT USA (TNU).  Tianma NLT USA has responsibility for all sales, marketing and engineering support of the Tianma and NLT display solutions in the Americas.


Bourns Releases New
FLAT™ Gas Discharge Tube Surge Arrestor
Model 2015

New Wi-Fi Solutions for IoT

              NEW Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Combo solution for IoT

Delivering the Industy's Fastest Non-Volatile Memory